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NITEY Awards

Golden Era's, Darren Crawford, awarded 2016 Best Mixologist / Bartender in San Francisco{%22issue_id%22:296128,%22publication_id%22:%2238224%22,%22page%22:0} 

See pages 8 & 9 in 2016 Sierra Food Wine Art Spring Edition 

Sierra Food Wine Art

Golden Era's new cocktails in the 2016 Summer Edition

See page 11


Craft Cocktail Classes at Golden Era:

Cocktails 101 - Learn the basics of true cocktail mixology and hands-on experience

1st Monday of each Month

Cocktails 102 - Spirit Specific class geared for exporing the details and use of an individual Spirit. 
Last Monday of each Month


Sign up at Golden Era. Seating is limited to 12 bar stools. All handouts and utensils will be provided. Welcome cocktail + 3 individual cocktails prepared by students. 

Utensil kits and mixing glasses are available for purchase upon request.

Registration Fee is $75.00 per student.